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German Engineering Excellence

EAA Corp firearms are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and precision, backed by German engineering expertise.


Diverse Range of Firearms

EAA Corp offers a diverse range of firearms, catering to different shooting preferences and needs.


Lifetime Warranty:

This demonstrates their confidence in the durability and reliability of their products.


International Shipping and Worldwide Support:

EAA Corp sets itself apart by offering worldwide shipping and dedicated customer support.

Why buy EAA Corp. Firearms from us?

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When you choose to buy EAA Corp. firearms from us, you benefit from our authorized retailer status, expertise, exclusive offers, personalized customer service, convenient shopping experience, and fast shipping. Trust us to provide you with a seamless and rewarding firearms purchasing experience.



Girsan MC14BDA

The Girsan MC14BDA is a high-quality handgun with a lightweight forged aluminum frame, 3-dot sight system, ambidextrous safety, and composite grips. Choose between a sleek black or stylish two-tone finish. Shop now at EAA Firearms.

Girsan MC1911 Match

Elevate your shooting experience with the Girsan MC1911 Match. This high-quality handgun combines precision, reliability, and style. With its limited lifetime warranty, laminated grips, and multiple color finishes, it's a top choice for discerning shooters. Get yours at EAA Firearms

Girsan Regard MC Liberador

Discover the Girsan Regard MC Liberador, a high-quality 9mm handgun with outstanding performance and stylish aesthetics. Equipped with an accessory rail, ambidextrous slide safety/decocker, and custom engraved grips, this firearm offers reliability, accuracy, and comfort. Shop now at EAA FIREARMS.

Akkar Churchill 220 Field

Experience reliable performance and versatile functionality with the Akkar Churchill 220 Field. This semi-automatic shotgun, available at EAA FIREARMS, is designed to deliver exceptional results in various shooting scenarios. With its vent rib and bead sight, synthetic stock and forend, and mobile choke tubes, the Akkar Churchill 220 Field is a reliable companion for both hunters and sport shooters.

Girsan Regard MC Deluxe

Experience elegance and performance with the Girsan Regard MC Deluxe. This striking handgun features a stunning gold finish, iconic 92 style, lightweight design, engraved slide, and comes with a premium leather carry case. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality in the Girsan Regard MC Deluxe.

Girsan MC312 Gobbler

Experience the ultimate hunting shotgun with the Girsan MC312 Gobbler. This high-performance firearm is designed to elevate your hunting experience with its exceptional features and unmatched reliability. With a tree camo + Cerakote combo finish, versatile stock options, a Picatinny rail for accessories, and optics included, the MC312 Gobbler is the perfect companion for avid hunters. Explore the extensive collection of EAA Corp firearms at EAA FIREARMS and make your hunting dreams a reality.

Girsan MC1911 Match Elite

Experience exceptional performance and accuracy with the Girsan MC1911 Match Elite. This chrome-finished handgun features a match-grade option, G10 grips, and a limited lifetime warranty. Take your shooting to the next level with this reliable and durable firearm.

Girsan MC1911 Liberador

Discover the Girsan MC1911 Liberador, a meticulously crafted .45 ACP handgun that combines elegance with unmatched performance. With its polished stainless steel slide and frame, deep slide serrations, and custom sugar skull grips, this pistol stands out from the crowd. Experience precision, reliability, and comfort with the MC1911 Liberador. Available at EAA Firearms.
Empowering Performance in .380ACP

Introducing the New MC14BDA and MC14G84

Prepare to be amazed by the latest additions to our lineup: the all-new MC14BDA and MC14G84 chambered in .380ACP. These cutting-edge firearms embody the pinnacle of innovation, offering unrivaled performance and precision. Engineered by EAA Corp., renowned for their commitment to excellence, the MC14BDA and MC14G84 are designed to exceed your expectations. With their sleek profiles, ergonomic grips, and intuitive controls, these firearms provide an exceptional shooting experience. Whether you seek reliable self-defense or a dependable concealed carry option, the MC14BDA and MC14G84 deliver unmatched power and accuracy in the popular .380ACP caliber. Get ready to elevate your shooting game with the new MC14BDA and MC14G84 – the epitome of performance in .380ACP.