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Akkar Churchill 212 Field Left Hand

Discover the Akkar Churchill 212 Field Left Hand, a versatile and reliable semi-automatic firearm designed specifically for left-handed shooters. With its exceptional features, including left-handed controls, a semi-automatic action, an aluminum receiver, and a synthetic stock and forend, this shotgun offers superior performance and comfort. Explore EAA Firearms, your trusted source for EAA Corp firearms, to elevate your shooting experience.

Akkar Churchill 220

Introducing the Akkar Churchill 220 – a semi-automatic shotgun designed for precision and reliability. With its synthetic stock, front bead sight, and exceptional craftsmanship, this shotgun offers excellent performance and accuracy. Explore EAA FIREARMS for the best selection of firearms and accessories. Shop now and experience the excellence of EAA Corp.

Akkar Churchill 220 Field

Experience reliable performance and versatile functionality with the Akkar Churchill 220 Field. This semi-automatic shotgun, available at EAA FIREARMS, is designed to deliver exceptional results in various shooting scenarios. With its vent rib and bead sight, synthetic stock and forend, and mobile choke tubes, the Akkar Churchill 220 Field is a reliable companion for both hunters and sport shooters.

Akkar Churchill 220 Gobbler

The Akkar Churchill 220 Gobbler: A high-performance semi-automatic shotgun with red dot optics, synthetic stock and forend, and an aluminum receiver. Elevate your hunting experience with its exceptional performance, reliability, and customization options. Shop now at EAA Firearms and embark on your next hunting adventure with confidence.

Akkar Churchill 220 Optics Tactical

Experience the Akkar Churchill 220 Optics Tactical, a versatile semi-automatic shotgun designed for tactical enthusiasts and professionals. With its advanced features, superior performance, and customizable options, this shotgun stands out in the field. Get yours now from EAA Firearms and elevate your tactical capabilities.

Akkar Churchill 228 Field

The Akkar Churchill 228 Field is a top-tier semi-automatic shotgun designed by EAA Corp. With its reliable performance, versatile choke system, and comfortable synthetic stock, it's an excellent choice for hunters and sport shooters. Explore the Akkar Churchill 228 Field at EAA Firearms and elevate your shooting experience.

Akkar Churchill 500 Side by Side

Experience precision and reliability with the Akkar Churchill 500 Side by Side shotgun. Crafted with German engineering excellence, this classic break action shotgun delivers exceptional performance and features a standard walnut stock for timeless elegance. Explore our wide selection of EAA Corp firearms at EAA FIREARMS and elevate your shooting game with the Churchill 500 Side by Side.

Akkar Churchill 612 Hunter

The Akkar Churchill 612 Hunter is a reliable and versatile pump-action shotgun with a synthetic stock, front bead sight, and full vent rib. It excels in performance and accuracy, ensuring a successful hunting experience. With its durable construction and customizable options, this shotgun is built to last and adapt to various shooting needs. Explore the wide range of firearms available at EAA FIREARMS for quality and value.

Akkar Churchill 612 Pump Home Defense

The Akkar Churchill 612 Pump Home Defense by EAA Corp is a reliable pump-action shotgun designed for home defense. With three configurations, synthetic stock and forend, and customizable options, it offers versatility and comfort during critical situations. Ensure the safety and security of your home with this exceptional firearm from EAA FIREARMS.

Akkar Churchill 620 Hunter

Experience the reliability and performance of the Akkar Churchill 620 Hunter pump-action shotgun. With its synthetic stock, vent rib, and versatile 20-gauge chambering, this shotgun is designed for hunting success. Explore EAA Firearms for a wide selection of firearms, including handguns and long guns, to meet your shooting needs.

Akkar Churchill 620 Optics Tactical

Experience precision and power with the Akkar Churchill 620 Optics Tactical shotgun. This pump-action firearm features a fiber optic front sight, synthetic stock and forend, and a reliable blue/black finish. With its exceptional performance and versatility, it is the ideal choice for tactical applications and home defense. Shop now at EAA Firearms to elevate your shooting experience.

Akkar Churchill 620 Pump

The Akkar Churchill 620 Pump is a reliable and versatile shotgun designed for superior performance. Its pump action, fixed front sight, and synthetic stock ensure accuracy and control. With a Picatinny receiver rail for customization, this shotgun offers versatility for different shooting scenarios. Get the Akkar Churchill 620 Pump at EAA FIREARMS and experience precision, power, and reliability.

Akkar Churchill 800 Field

  • 3 Extended Choke Tubes
  • Auto Ejectors
  • Standard Walnut
  • Auto Safety

Akkar Churchill 812 Sporting

Elevate your sporting experience with the Akkar Churchill 812 Sporting shotgun. With its 30" barrel, 5 extended choke tubes, and select walnut stock, this firearm combines performance, reliability, and style. Explore our wide range of EAA firearms at and discover the perfect shotgun for your shooting needs.

Girsan MC312

Experience the pinnacle of performance and reliability with the Girsan MC312 shotgun. This exceptional firearm, manufactured by EAA Corp, combines advanced features with unparalleled craftsmanship. Available in both black and camo versions, the Girsan MC312 is the ultimate choice for shooting enthusiasts seeking an inertia single-action shotgun. Explore its remarkable capabilities and discover why it stands out from the rest.

Girsan MC312 Gobbler

Experience the ultimate hunting shotgun with the Girsan MC312 Gobbler. This high-performance firearm is designed to elevate your hunting experience with its exceptional features and unmatched reliability. With a tree camo + Cerakote combo finish, versatile stock options, a Picatinny rail for accessories, and optics included, the MC312 Gobbler is the perfect companion for avid hunters. Explore the extensive collection of EAA Corp firearms at EAA FIREARMS and make your hunting dreams a reality.

Girsan MC312 Goose

Experience the pinnacle of waterfowl hunting with the Girsan MC312 Goose shotgun. Its polymer stock, high-visible sight, and red dot optics readiness ensure exceptional performance and accuracy. With a 30-inch barrel, this shotgun is designed to excel in waterfowl hunting scenarios. Discover the reliability and versatility that make the MC312 Goose a standout choice among shotgun enthusiasts.

Girsan MC312 Sport

Experience the pinnacle of sports shooting with the Girsan MC312 Sport. This inertia semi-auto shotgun combines reliability, accuracy, and customization options to elevate your shooting performance. With its low-profile accessory rail, comfortable pistol grip stock, and red dot optics, the MC312 Sport is designed to excel in any shooting scenario. Find the MC312 Sport and other premium firearms at EAA Firearms.